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Safety tips to use before and after LASIK

Safety tips to use before and after LASIK

While LASIK laser eye surgery is extremely successful, it’s crucial that you simply stick to any advise offered to you by the physician of yours and do all required to make for your recovery and operation. In order to enable you to get started, we have developed a list of valuable information and tips for planning for and also recovering from eye surgery lasik.

Recommendations for eye surgery lasik preparation Take proactive steps to make for your laser vision correction treatment. This’s among the greatest methods to make certain that your surgery and recovery are smooth. Thankfully, there are a number of methods to prepare for the appointment of yours. Learn more professional tips from LASIK experts.

Arrange for time off from work Although there’s minimal downtime necessary following LASIK laser eye surgery, you need to plan on taking a while off work. While you may possibly be in a position to go back to exert effort within 24 hours following eye surgery lasik, various other individuals might demand few days before their vision is sharp enough to go back to work. Your LASIK doctor is going to be in a position to advise you on the quantity of time you need to prepare to be from work during the procedure of yours.

Going back home You’ll be permitted to go back home rapidly after your eye surgery lasik treatment, though you won’t have the ability to get anywhere until your LASIK surgeon gives the all clear. In a great world, you need to organize for a good friend or maybe loved one to get you home and stay along with you until your vision gets better slightly. Sort this out before the visit of yours.

Safety tips to use before and after LASIK

Beauty products are not allowed.

On the day of the operation of yours, the face of yours ought to be entirely makeup free. Furthermore, you need to abstain from applying other items and moisturizers.

Organize your clothes meticulously.

While your eye surgery lasik place of work is not likely to look like a runway, it’s nonetheless a good idea to organize your outfit properly. This’s because many individuals are told to not use something that will require them to pull their hair securely over the heads of theirs for fear of obstructing the vision of theirs. Wherever feasible, choose a button down shirt.

While LASIK laser eye surgery is incredibly profitable, it’s essential you stick to some information given to you by the doctor of yours and do all achievable to get ready for your recuperation and procedure. We have collected a set of useful information and ideas for planning for and also recuperating from lasik eye treatment to help you started out.

Suggestions for lasik eye surgery preparation 

Prepare for your laser vision correction therapy by taking proactive measures. This’s among the best methods to ensure that your surgery and recovery are smooth. Fortunately, you can find many options for preparing for the appointment of yours.

Make plans to take some time off from work.

Although there’s minimal downtime after LASIK laser eye surgery, you need to rely on missing some work. While you may possibly be in a position to go back to exert effort within 24 hours of lasik eye surgery, others might need a few days before their vision is sharp adequate to function. Your LASIK doctor is going to be in a position to advise you on the length of time you should expect to avoid from work during the surgery of yours.

Getting back home You are going to be ready to go back home shortly after your lasik eye surgery, though you won’t have the ability to get anywhere until your LASIK surgeon gives the all clear. In an ideal situation, you would have a good friend or maybe loved one drive you stay and home with you until your eyesight gets better significantly. Make a note of this before the visit of yours.

Don’t touch the eyes of yours.

While it’s usual for the eyes of yours to feel irritated and uncomfortable after lasik surgery, you need to stay away from touching them since this might enable germs to get into and set your eyes vulnerable to illness. Some individuals like to sleep with a mask or maybe goggles on to stay away from unknowingly touching the eyes of theirs.


For the very first 24 hours after your LASIK procedure, you need to stay away from any task which demands prolonged high levels of concentration, like reading or even utilizing a laptop. We suggest you use any chance to rest, since this’s when people heal the most fast.

Take some medication exactly as directed.

Following LASIK laser eye surgery, you might receive eye drops to work with. These elements aid on the recovery process and create the very best outcomes. In order to enhance the benefit of yours, be sure you are taking these medications based on the timing and also dose suggested by your lasik eye surgery practitioner.

Safety tips to use before and after LASIK

Stay away from sports

You must take a rest from this particular exercise, whether you want contact or maybe only sports. This’s mainly because that even small injuries are able to have a destructive influence on the eyes of yours and also the result of your respective lasik eye surgery therapy. This’s true also while swimming with goggles. Restart the sport of yours only after your eye doctor has granted you the all clear.

Follow your surgeon ‘s instructions.

As with everything medical, it’s crucial that you strictly follow your surgeon ‘s advice. They’re dedicated to aiding you in following the very best vision. If you’re uncertain about something, don’t hesitate to request clarification.

Contact lens wearers might find it incredibly challenging to make for LASIK surgery. You’ll be advised to not use contact lenses before LASIK procedure. The period of time you have to stay away from them is governed on the substance of theirs. When you use soft lenses, you have to refrain from using them for five to seven days ahead to your pre-operative exam and operation. Toric lenses have to be eliminated for 10 to 14 times if utilized to treat astigmatism.

You’ll be instructed just how long you must quit using other kinds of specialized lenses before surgical procedure at the initial session of yours. Many people are perplexed why you need to quit utilizing contacts before to lasik eye surgery. That’s an excellent question! Contact lenses are able to alter the form of the cornea, the front surface area of the eye, and that is essential for lasik eye surgery calculations. When you are available in for the first call, question just how long you must go with no contacts before having lasik eye surgery.

Why Is it Necessary to Stop Wearing Contacts Before Lasik Eye Surgery?

Can contact lenses be utilized before LASIK eye surgery? In a nutshell, no. Adhering to the consultation of yours, you need to stay away from using contact lenses until your dilated pre op exam and surgical procedure. This can bring the standard shape of the cornea of yours. Contact lenses, regardless of how healthy you look after them, harbor bacteria. This bacterium might boost the danger of disease, that is one more motive to stay away from using contact lenses before lasik eye surgery.

Will I work with contact lenses after laser eye surgery?

During the postoperative time, the result is normally no. They’re dehydrating and could harbor bacteria which impede recovery. The aim is the fact that after you have recovered entirely, you will not need them any longer. When you do, you ought to be able to wear them with no incident the majority of the time. You’ll, nonetheless, call for a new prescription and also a brand new fitting.

Is it important to use glasses before lasik eye surgery?

Can it be important to use glasses after lasik eye surgery in case you didn’t wear contacts before? It’s determined by the prescription of yours and also the extent to which you depend on corrective lenses. If you’ve an impressive prescription, it can be hard to stop from using contacts before for your lasik eye surgery appointment. Nevertheless, it’s essential you don’t wear contact lenses in the months preceding the procedure of yours in an effort to run properly. Should you want new glasses, ensure you get them.

Professional tips from LASIK experts

Professional tips from LASIK experts

Astigmatism, farsightedness, or nearsightedness can all be treated using LASIK, or perhaps laser assisted in situ keratomileusis, which happens to be a kind of vision correction surgery. Following eye surgery lasik, ninety % of individuals are in a position to see clearly without using contacts or glasses, based on the American Academy of Ophthalmology, but there are several post-surgical recovery suggestions that you need to be cognizant of prior to the process.

When considering eye surgery lasik, the healing time period is pretty light – usually one day or perhaps 2 – before individuals are able to continue the majority of the normal activities of theirs, based on Dr. Eric Donnenfeld of New York Faculty Medical Center in Manhattan, who’s clinical professor and a surgeon of ophthalmology at the university ‘s medical center.

Dr. Donnenfeld explains that healing following laser vision correction may take a few months before the total visual result is achieved:

More eye surgery lasik healing guidance from the pros contains the following: The course of your healing is driven by the events which came about before to your operation. – In an interview with WebMD Connect to Care, Amir Moarefi, MD, a refractive doctor based in Beach that is long, CA, states the preoperative evaluation is regarded as the essential component of the eye surgery lasik recovery. Based on Moarefi, “you be careful about these places which you contact where you do not take a seat with a surgeon in advance and the surgeon never ever examines the medical history of yours and stuff as that.”

Professional tips from LASIK experts

When you are available in for the first appointment of yours, your ophthalmologist is going to take a corneal topography, likewise referred to as a 3d map of the eye of yours. Based on the American Academy of Ophthalmology, this’s particularly essential since eye surgery lasik reshapes corneal tissue throughout the process.

Additionally, Donnenfeld explains, “advanced wavefront technology is employed to map out the cornea, and then extra products are utilized to evaluate the and function of the interior and back of the eye.” Your eye examination will determine whether you’re a great prospect for LASIK and whether you need to explore alternate choices for fixing the vision of yours.

Provide transportation – Since you won’t have the ability to generate using eye surgery lasik, you are going to need to organize for transportation after the procedure. During the operation, the doctor of yours may prescribe medication which might result in blurred vision and affect the driving abilities of yours. Be sure you’ve a designated driver who can help you in getting home after the treatment is finished.

Sleep is important – eye surgery lasik patients are generally advised to go for a rest observing their procedure. “That laser incision you develop might make you possess a different body perception, like a lash in the eye of yours. Even though it might seem counterintuitive, Moarefi explains that the better you keep your eyes shut, the quicker they are going to recover and also the happier they’ll think.

The application of eye drops is crucial – Following having LASIK surgery, the American Academy of Ophthalmology suggests that individuals be provided with eye drops to lessen dryness after the process. It was recently found in Visual Science and investigative Ophthalmology that about half of eye surgery lasik patients experience dry eyes a week after surgery, which twenty % to forty % of eye surgery lasik patients experience dry eyes 6 weeks after surgery. If your dry eye remains or causes discomfort, it’s essential to talk to the doctor of yours.

Your eyes will age – Many individuals think that their eye surgery lasik has worn off years after they’ve had corrective surgery. This’s not the situation. Nevertheless, it’s a very fact of life that as you grow older, the eyes of yours will start to age also.

Lance Kugler, MD, a refractive surgeon in Omaha, Nebraska, tells WebMD Hook up to Care that eye surgery lasik is a fixed process which doesn’t stay away from the consequences of aging. “That’s a regular misconception that folks have.” They feel that their eye surgery lasik has used off. “The lens within the eye changes in individuals in their 40s, and also as an outcome, they’ll need reading glasses,” Kugler explains.

Professional tips from LASIK experts

Do not make use of some cosmetics, perfume, and cologne.

In case you would like to use makeup on the morning of surgery, stay away from doing this since it might hinder the medications and lasers which will be used. On the morning before surgery, it is also essential to stay away from using any scented products, like scents or perfume. These products have the potential to interfere with quality of the air, and that is absolutely managed by devices that regulate temperature, moisture, and purity, among other items.

Prepare yourself mentally for the reality you are going to be awake during surgery.

Before having LASIK surgery, you’ll be offered a sedative medicine that will help you loosen up. Laser eye surgery, on another hand, is done while the individual is awake, unlike other kinds of methods. Get ready since the concentration of yours will be needed. A lot of people are uncomfortable with the concept of being awake, however, it can be enjoyable to witness what’s going on right in front of the eyes of yours.

Find out more about post-operative care

Pay attention to your post-surgical instructions. They were produced to guarantee you heal as completely and quickly as possible.


Ideally, you finally have a clear knowledge of what to expect when preparing for eye surgery. With regards to planning for laser eye surgery, there are not lots of measures to do. With the exception of consuming just a little snack before arriving. A common issue is whether or not you might consume before getting laser eye surgery. Indeed, you are able to! This’s unlike many methods where you’re placed under general anesthesia. Keeping foods in the system of yours will help with the absorption of the pain medicine that’s administered shortly after surgical treatment to help lower discomfort.

You have come to the point when you have either planned surgery or perhaps are still in re-search stage, with a couple of additional issues regarding laser eye surgery along with the recovery process to check. We get our eye surgery lasik patients a few suggestions to guarantee that their recuperation can be as painless and easy as they can, whether they’ve previously chosen surgery and continue to be in the method of figuring out if you should move forward.

Top 6 Things to Know Before Choosing Your LASIK Surgeon

Top 6 Things to Know Before Choosing Your LASIK Surgeon

LASIK eye surgery is presently gaining more acceptance from people in different parts of the world. Refractive laser eye surgery is mainly known for the miraculous transformation it brings to an already damaged vision. 

From the time it was approved to be performed for the public, it has become the most desired option for correcting every eye imperfection from minor to major. That has led to the emergence of several lasik surgeons in many countries far and wide the globe. 

You don’t have to wonder why? LASIK is one of the most expensive eye surgery options available. On average, it costs about $2,000 to $3,000. If you think that is not attractive enough, remember that a LASIK surgeon can perform thousands of surgeries in a year. And, considering the increasingly high demand, it is reasonable to conclude that being a LASIK surgeon is a juicy career. 

What I mean, in a nutshell, is that many LASIK surgeons are just there for the money. Professionalism is not a top concern. One of the dangers of unprofessional LASIK practices is that patients are at the risk of committing their eyes into the hands of a quack. And being the body’s light requires the best form of protection.

So, your ultimate concern now is to ensure that you choose a competent and experienced surgeon. But the correct question is: how do you do that? You don’t have to fret if you think you are not medically inclined to identify expert LASIK surgeons. In this post, I have helped you compile six technical things you need to confirm before you agree to patronize a LASIK surgeon.

The six things to help you identify A Competent Lasik Surgeon

1. He must be board certified

Every competent LASIK surgeon must be licensed with certificates to show for it. What is a professional without credible evidence to back his claims? When you meet up with a LASIK surgeon, the first thing to ask is for him to present his certifications as a LASIK surgeon. Failure to do that, there’s no need to discuss anything further. Else, you will be putting your eyes at significant risk.

If you don’t know, not every doctor is a surgeon, and not every surgeon can perform LASIK eye surgery. It requires advanced training and required certifications to become a qualified LASIK surgeon. Your LASIK surgeon must be certified by different Boards of Ophthalmologists. Not only that, he must be a member of various professional medical institutions. Those professional medical bodies organize training and workshops from time to time. Consequently, their members can amass experience and improve in skills.   

A word of caution, don’t be carried away with the structure of the surgery center and the acclaimed records of any LASIK surgeon. If he cannot provide authentic certificates, he doesn’t deserve your patronage. You can go a step higher b authenticating his credentials. You can do that by researching the professional bodies he claims to be a member of. Visit to read about Ways of improving your life with Lasik eye surgery.

2. He must have good recommendations

Recommendations are essential factors o be considered when choosing a competent LASIK surgeon. A credible, qualified LASIK surgeon must have good recommendations from top professionals in different medical institutions if you can’t boast reasonable recommendations throughout the several years of active practice

You have every reason to doubt a LASIK surgeon who cannot present recommendations from professional bodies even if he has credible training certifications. 

If he provides many recent recommendations, you need to make some verifications to ensure they are genuine. The best way to grip that is to do further research by checking up on his name on the internet and checking for recommendations and reviews. 

Meanwhile, you don’t have to be tempted to be carried away by his positive reviews. Ensure you pay more attention to the negative reviews to know where he is lagging. You also have to watch to make sure you are reading recent reviews. To confirm that, check the dates the reviews were published. 

3. Know how much he charges

On average, LASIK surgery costs $2,000 to $3,000, which varies from one surgeon to another. LASIK surgeons charge based on their expertise, competence, the organization of the procedure, and sophisticated tools. Nevertheless, LASIK eye surgery should not cost beyond the range stated above. If the surgeon demands an amount way higher than the average price, you can check another center.

Of course, LASIK eye surgery is pretty much expensive. Yet, it doesn’t have to be a neck-choking affair. Make sure you don’t pay more than necessary for your LASIK surgery. 

Conversely, be careful not to be looking out for cheap surgery. In most cases, LASIK surgeons who agree lower prices are either up to the task or not ready to do a thorough job. Hence, your ultimate attention should be on the quality of the service, not the price. 

4. He must be working with qualified staff

Talking of competence in LASIK eye surgery doesn’t end with the surgeon alone. The same principle applies to his members of staff. So, as you test the surgeon’s competence, you also need to pay attention to the medical personnel working with him. Check for the quality of their customer care service, their manner of reception, and how they discharge their roles. If you are not satisfied with all that on your first day of the visit, you will not likely enjoy their service.

5. Check for the number of procedures he has done 

Experience is the best teacher. I can’t overemphasize that fact. When it comes to having LASIK eye surgery, you don’t get all the experience required in a day. The more you exercise, the more you perfect it. 

Do well to ask your LASIK surgeon to present the records of LASIK eye surgeries he has done in his career. That does not mean any offense. You want to be sure of the number of procedures he has performed as a professional LASIK surgeon. Some experts have done more than 30,000 LASIK procedures to give you a number to work with. A surgeon with vast experience would understand the nitty-gritty of the surgery. 

6. He must have treated a similar case as yours

A better way to know you are in safe hands is to ask if the surgeon has performed a LASIK procedure for a patient with a similar case as yours. If yes, make an effort to ask the person about the result of the surgery. If it is satisfactory, you are good o go!  


It is essential; to allow only an expert to make any vision correction in your eyes. That way, you can be sure of the best and most lasting result. Make sure you accurately make the findings stated above before accepting payments. LASIK surgery can give you a lifelong perfect vision if you work with an expert.  

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